Operative Leasing

Operative leasing is a long-term car rental with full service maintenance.

Long-term car rental with full service maintenance is an effective solution for You, if:

  • You need to solve transport service issues of Your company;
  • Purchase of a car is excluded from your plans;
  • You need a private vehicle for a long time;


Operative Leasing Terms and Conditions:

  •  Lease term – from 12 to 60 months;
  • Consideration term for application – within 5 business days;
  • Advance payment – 0%;
  • Compensation rate – 0%;
  • Individual approach to each customer;
  • Minimum package of documents

Operative Leasing Benefit:

  • Vehicle replacement according to the obsolescence;
  • Lack of problems with keeping and management of vehicles fleet. Astana Motors Finance Company undertakes obligations upon purchase, registration, insurance and vehicle maintenance service as well as payment of all current taxes and deductions within whole validity period of lease;
  • Astana Motors Finance Company renders support upon all insurance events with participation of a vehicle;
  • Full professional car maintenance service is made at Astana-Motors specialized service center within entire lease term;

You may renovate vehicles fleet with new vehicle under similar terms or repurchase a vehicle after ending of lease contract duration.